global seo – Deciding Whether to Use Local SEO or Not

Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of a website. One thing that you do need to decide is whether you are going to limit yourself to local SEO, or whether you will make the keywords nationwide or even stretch globally.

The Benefits of Local SEO

Opting to stay local in your keywords will work to your advantage if you only operate in a small area or whether you are trying to campaign in that one area. You will focus on one area, such as a single state or town, instead of offering making your content a global search.

The other benefits of SEO remain the same. You will still be able to make an online presence in the search engines and you will still be able to gain rank in the same way. The only difference is that you will add the name of the location that you are working for or around.

You will gain by not spending as much money as on other marketing campaigns. A local SEO campaign can be done by yourself and will not cost anything to find the keywords and then use them. This is something to think about if you are on a tight marketing budget.

The Disadvantages of Local SEO

You will not catch as many people as you would opting for global SEO. The downside is that fewer people are going to search for locations. This will mean that you get less page views and will have a lower income.

You will still need to take the same amount of time researching keywords and including them in your website content. This takes time to get right and you will not necessarily benefit in the page rankings. You need to check back on these on a regular basis, which takes a lot of time and effort.

You will also find that it takes time to see your page rankings increase – if they even do. Also, the search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis but will not tell anyone exactly what they are. It is up to you to find out how much of your local SEO campaign matches what the search engines are after.

Using local SEO instead of global is often best for small businesses that will not be able to operate outside of their area, such as dermatologists and fitness centers. This is not the best option for those who are offering online stores or services that can be performed online or via phone and email.

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