los angeles seo expert – Have a New App? Here’s How You Can Start Marketing It

Why are apps so popular today? Maybe it has everything to do with everyone owning and using smartphones and tablets for shopping and daily tasks. Apps help us to organize our lives, increase productivity at work, get fit and shop. If your company recently built an app for your business, then marketing it is key. There are millions of different apps out there, begging for attention, but only those with an effective strategy will succeed. For one, you need an SEO strategy to help put your company and its app on the map.

There are brands making millions off of selling their app, and others that are generating consistent hot leads after giving away their app for free. Again, the only way for your app to achieve whatever goals your business has is to properly market it. The internet is the obvious platform for this, which means putting together an online marketing campaign. Local SEO companies can really help boost your app’s ranking using various methods.

You can also try implementing the following techniques into your strategy.

Hire an SEO Company to Build a Microsite

You don’t need a fully functioning website to market your new app. A simple microsite is perfect. This can be one page or two to three pages, showcasing the details and demonstrating the functionality. You can learn a lot from the likes of Path and Snapchat.

Another option would be to develop a teaser website, which is ideal if you’ve yet to launch your app. This should be created about one or two months beforehand. You can use this site to entice users and collect their emails in exchange for keeping them posted on the upcoming launch.

Blog All About it

Publishing posts on your blog and third party sites can really help build buzz for your new app. Of course, you’ll need to implement keywords to help the content rank. You can hire one of the best local SEO companies to help you generate an efficient list of keywords. They can also assist with creating the content and distributing it on your business blog and third party blogs.

Use Social Media to Share Your Posts

It’ not enough to simply publish your content on your blog and others’ websites. You need to spend majority of your time promoting these pieces as much as possible. This is made easy with social media networks. You can use platforms like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Focus on promoting your app a few times each week.

Have Your App Reviewed

Another option is to solicit app review websites about analyzing your app. These sites have a large audience and following, which can make or break your application. Hopefully, your app is great enough to get a high rating and review, so others will be more willing to give it a shot.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to tech bloggers who cover applications. Search for bloggers within your niche and related industries. For instance, if your app is about homemade dinner recipes, then you could reach out to bloggers that write for moms.

Develop a How-To Series

It’s easier to convince people to download your app when they understand how it works. You can create a simple to digest series of videos showing how the app works and how it can be applied. These videos can be posted to your blog, social media accounts and YouTube. It’s also a good idea to showcase them on the app page in the download store, so browsers can easily find it.

As you can see, there are various ways you can start building buzz for your app before you launch and even afterward. It’s a good idea to hire an SEO company to assist with generating traffic using both organic and paid methods.

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